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Lavender Products for the Home

Revitalize any room in the house with a refreshing touch of lavender. Earth Muffin Lavender in Sequim, Washington, offers an array of household products made with homegrown, natural lavender. We also carry multipurpose lavender products.

lavender soy candle

Scented Lavender Candle

Light up the room with a beautiful scented candle. Lavender fragrance gives you a nice, light, refreshing scent with every use. The all-natural essential oil has a subtle scent that doesn't overpower, and leaves the air refreshed. All of our scented candles are $10.50, come in an 8 oz. tin (lid included), and burn from six to eight hours. They are made with organic soy wax and use a cotton wick, which burns much cleaner than the average candle. We offer a variety of pleasant scents, including:

Classic Victorian Rose | Lemon | Lavender

Lavender Flower Water

Lavender Flower Water

Flower water is a byproduct of essential oil. During the distilling process, we steam-distill the plant material which causes the water and oil to separate. When is separates, you end up with lovely distilled water that contains suspended, microscopic lavender particles. Like essential oil, flower water has an array of uses both personal (external only) and around the home. For example, it functions as a lightly scented air freshener, as well as a skin-softening body spray. When used as a spray, it is known to relieve stress and irritability. It also works as an all-natural cleaner, soother, and disinfectant for skin irritations and abrasions. Treat yourself to the luxuries of lavender flower water at $10.00 per quart or $40.00 per gallon.

Other Products

We love to introduce our customers to new ways of using lavender. On any purchase over $10.00, receive a 0.5 oz. bag of dried lavender bud. This is another great way to subtly incorporate the lavender scent into your home, vehicle, or office. Find our Dried Lavender Bud and Lavender Essential Oil in the Multipurpose section. Contact us for more information.