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Multipurpose Lavender Products for Home & Personal Use

Earth Muffin Lavender offers essential oil and flower water from distilled, homegrown lavender. Based in Sequim, Washington, we contribute to the entire process of transforming the versatile lavender plant into a variety of exceptional products.

Bottle of Oil

Essential Oils

Essential oil is the perfect product if you're looking to experience the most effective benefits of lavender. For external use only, this non-greasy, fast-evaporating oil leaves a delicate lingering scent. Its calming properties contribute to a more relaxing bath. Lavender essential oil has antibacterial properties to combat uncomfortable insect bites. Use a few drops on a rag when doing your next load of laundry to help remove odors. Your purchase comes with a brochure for more suggested uses.

Our oil is completely natural and undiluted for best results, and we distill and bottle the product ourselves. We offer two types of oil, both lavender, that are made from separate plant material.  The bottle is a cobalt blue with a black lid, with dropper lids available by request. Current stock includes:

Grosso-Made From Lavender X Intermedia. $8.50 per 5ml, $12.00 per 10ml, $16.75 per 15ml

Mellissa/Royal Velvet Blend- A Much Softer, Sweeter Lavender Scent Made From Lavender Angustifolia. $24.00 per 5ml, $34.00 per 10ml, $45.00 per 15ml

Lavender Flower Water

Flower water is a byproduct of essential oil. During the distilling process, we steam-distill the plant material which causes the water and oil to separate. When it separates, you end up with lovely distilled water that contains suspended, microscopic lavender particles. Like essential oil, flower water has an array of uses both personal (external only) and around the home. For example, it functions as a lightly scented air freshener, as well as a skin-softening body spray. When used as a spray, it is known to relieve stress and irritability. It also works as an all-natural cleaner, soother, and disinfectant for skin irritations and abrasions. Treat yourself to the luxuries of lavender flower water at $10.00 per quart or $40.00 per gallon.

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Lavender Flower Water
4 OZ spritzer available for $4.50

Bulk Dried Lavender Bud

 Purchase bulk dried Lavender buds which we harvested from our own Lavender plants, dried in our drying shed, and separated from the stalks using our custom built Lavender Bud Harvester

A blend of our Grosso, Melissa, and Royal Velvet lavender buds.  Great for any crafting projects, put in a container or sprinkle on your carpet then vacuum to freshen the air.

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Bulk Dried Lavender Bud

Bulk Dried Lavender Bud

By the 1/2 pound & pound
Quantities are Limited.